Wednesday 30th August 2017

Bilster Berg 1, 33014 Bad Driburg, Germany - Click to see location

07.30 - 08.30 Registration - please arrive early!
08.30 - Drivers briefing 

09.00 - 09.30
 Sighting laps, no overtaking, limited speed, small groups.
09.30 - Open Pit Lane commences.
12.30 - Lunch break
13.30 - Open Pit Lane recommences.
17.00 - Driving finishes.


Please ensure you read and adhere to the 8 point checklist below before commencing your journey to the circuit:

1) Bring your road driving license - (please note that a race license is not an acceptable substitute).
2) Make sure your car complies with the noise restrictions at the venue - 101 db static (keep sports systems/exhausts valves turned OFF)
3) Ensure your car is fit for the purpose intended; this includes brake, tyre, suspension and steering checks.
4) Fit your towing-eye prior to joining the circuit.
5) Bring suitable clothing as covered arms & legs are required at all times on the track.
6) Slicks are not permitted on cars without a roll cage.
7) No hand-held cameras are permitted - any cameras need to be securely mounted in the car. NO EXTERNAL CAMERAS!
8) Helmets are compulsory for the event - WE DO NOT HIRE HELMETS - Please make sure you bring your own.

Additional Requirements

The primary requirements are that all drivers and passengers read and complete a Track Day Declaration and Indemnity form (download link available above or forms at the registration office at the circuit) and that anyone going out onto the circuit wears a helmet. 

There is a compulsory safety briefing for all drivers, ask when registering.

Additional Drivers and Passengers

Additional drivers will be charged £80 (or € equivalent) to register.
Additional Passengers will be charged £50 (or € equivalent) to register.
Additional drivers/passengers will be processed and paid for at registration at the track.

All drivers and passengers have to read and complete the Track Day Declaration and Indemnity before going out onto the circuit. Spectators are welcome. Children under 16 years are not allowed onto the circuit in cars, nor are they permitted in the Pit Lane. Please keep an eye on your kids, make sure they are safe and understand the risks whilst around the paddock areas.