#DN14Event Summary


Thursday April 28th 2016

True to form - the weather in the Eifel was proving unpredictable with snowfalls, cold temperatures and rainfall. We arrived at the Nürburgring two days before our event and witnessed terrible conditions which severely affected other organisations.

However, here at Destination Nürburgring we take our weather forecasts from the old, experienced residents who told us to expect a break in the weather, a dry track and generally warm conditions on the day.

Of course - to anyone looking at the online forecasts, anyone driving through snow blizzards at Spa or anyone seeing snow flurries at our registration session, the prospect of good weather on the track day itself looked distant BUT - everyone held their nerve!

And so, on the morning of the event, the sun was shining and the temperature was rising and before long #DN14 was underway in perfect conditions :)

Great track etiquette, low numbers and a great variety of cars made for one of the best track day events we've ever had.

And we managed to get a couple of mountain bike laps around the Nordschliefe too.

Great trip - click here to see a few Frozenspeed images from the event!