#DNEvents in co-operation with our friends at Schnelleschwaben

Tuesday 31st October 2017
Nürburgring Nordschleife Track Day
08.00 - 17.00 Open Pit Lane/Free Driving both days

Our good friends at Schnelleschwaben invite us to join them on the Nordschleife for an exclusive private 'training' track day.

They rent the whole Nordschleife for your own private track day so you can enjoy the very best track time, cars only - no bikes, buses, random tourists on these events. We focus on quality, safety and fun and are proud of our reputation for giving you fantastic, unlimited access to the world's greatest circuit.

*Limited to road legal vehicles only, on road legal tyres. 

Your driving time is limited only by how quickly you can refuel, and there's no need to stop after each lap - the full circuit is available to you for multiple laps per session if you want to, it's your choice.

Safety is paramount, each driver gets a proper briefing so they know what to expect, and we deploy a full marshal package around the circuit with up to 4 recovery vehicles should you have a problem out on track. As you can see, we provide a safe controlled environment for you to enjoy your car at your own leisure.

  • Tuesday 31st October 2017
  • 'Reformation Day' Public holiday in Germany, and Touristenfahrten over the preceding weekend/day.
  • Open Pit Lane (free driving)
  • Unlimited flying laps - no need to stop each time
  • Private event - non competitive - no timing
  • Road legal cars on road legal tyres are welcome. No race cars or anything not road registered and insured.
  • Slow Sighting lap session from 08.00 to 09.00 - then free driving until 17.00 (last track admission scheduled for 16.30)
  • Additional Drivers/Passengers welcome (€100EUR drivers, €20EUR passengers)
  • €799 EUR - Price inclusive of VAT (€671.43 EUR + 19% MwST - we can invoice any GB/EU vat registered companies reverse charge with no VAT)

Please complete this booking form to participate.

First Name
Surname (Family Name)
Email Address - please ensure it's correct
Please confirm email address
Mobile Telephone Number (incl. international dialling code if outside UK)
Business Name (if applicable)
Postal/Zip code
Country (eg, United Kingdom)
Please tell us the car you will drive on the event
Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY - Important!)
  1.  The purpose of the event is to improve vehicle control in order to be able to move safely on public road traffic in the future.
  2.  It is strictly forbidden to make top speed or the intention to race. In the case of suspicion, the organiser reserves the right to exclude participants from the event without repayment of the fee.
  3.  Wearing a protective helmet is obligatory!
  4. Only regular roadside cars are allowed on the circuit, transfer plates and other plates are not permitted. Important!
  5. Only road-legal tires / NO SLICKS !
  6. Each participant must sign a declaration of non-liability before starting the training. This will be issued in the morning. Without signature (also for spectators) you may not participate.
  7.  Capricorn Nürburgring GmbH operates active environmental protection in all areas of the company. It is also expected by the tenant, the participants and all stakeholders that environmental protection is respected. Compliance with all environmental regulations is the basis of our business. This applies in particular to the regulations on waste disposal, soil and water protection as well as emmission protection. Fuels, oil and other environmentally hazardous substances must be handled with the greatest possible care.
  8. Trips or rides for a fee such as "taxi rides" and instructions by persons and instructors not authorised by the organiser are not permitted. Infringements result in the immediate exclusion from the event
  9. As normal, no refunds unless the event is completely cancelled.