How to BookYour Nurburgring Track Day

We use a special bespoke paperless booking system.
We've designed and built it to be simple and lightweight, and we've called it TicketWaiver, because it handles tickets, and waivers. Good yes?

Before you start.

  1. Think about your group - how many cars, drivers, passengers are there?
  2. Make sure you have names and correct email addresses for everyone in your group *IMPORTANT
  3. Select your tickets to cover everyone in your group.
  4. The system will ask YOU to complete your information and sign the waiver for the event.
  5. Everyone else in your group will receive an email asking them to complete their information.
  6. You pay securely online!

Once you have completed your booking and signed your waiver form there is no need to sign again for future events (as long as the terms do not change - in which case we'll ask you to sign the new waiver when you book).
The system will remind anyone in your group that they still need to complete their details - and also let you know who hasn't done it.

On arrival - there is no additional paperwork to bring or complete, just bring your driving licence or ID if you're a passenger.

Again - all confirmed bookings are;
subject to our terms and conditions

The answers to most questions can be found on the website, or the event itinerary we send to you when your booking is confirmed, but if you don't see the information you need - please get in touch.

Summary of how we use your data.

  • To identify and communicate with you before, during and after an event.
  • To help us with administration of the event so we can offer the best service.
  • To allow you to manage aspects of your booking before an event.
  • If you're injured or some other event - we can quickly identify your emergency contact.
  • If you want to book future events, we make it easier and faster by using information you already gave to us.

If you don't want us to retain your data after an event has finished please let us know.

Data is stored securely and our system architecture has been designed with security in mind. 
There are only two people (other than you) that have access to your data - the sole director of Ringweekends Ltd (Darren Langeveld), and the system designer (who is a personal friend of the director)

As always - please refer to our Privacy Policy in full - thank you.

Organise events? Need people to sign waivers/indemnity forms?
Maybe you can use TicketWaiver to enhance your business?
Get in touch!