We know you work hard to be able to enjoy your passion so we, together with the capricorn Nürburgring team, work hard to deliver the best quality events on the Nürburgring.

As usual - Dale from @BridgetoGantry.com provides a great summary of our efforts.

Here's some feedback from our customers;


 Ok, just want to say to Darren and the rest of the team at DN12, wow! and thank you! [especially to Darren for `having faith`] 

The whole event from start to finish was fantastic, it was extremely well organised, great atmosphere and a really cool crowd of people, with some awesome four wheeled firepower attending over the two day event.
Weather was hot, track conditions were perfect, although wish the weather was as cool as the event, as I think due to the heat it wasn't just me having braking issues!!!
Also want to say to all those who participated, thank you for making me feel welcome. as the driver of one of the more unique track cars [ahem!], or should I say, `track vehicles` [all of you there will probably know who I am now] it was fantastic the respect that was shown to me, and hope that you all felt it was reflected by myself, in my driving and attitude on and off the track.
I`ll definitely be speaking to Darren about attending the next event, if its anything like the last one [and no-one objects!] I`ll hopefully see all of you guys at DN13! all the best you guys, and thanks again!

 Hi, I am from Australia and i did your track day 22-23rd July in a Caterham and i was most impressed by the organisation of this event. I will be visiting again next year

Cheers Peter

Hi Darren,

Just to say a big 'Thank You' to you and all your team for a really great two days at DN12. 

I had a great time, which is what it is all about after all, and I thought the new arrangements you had put in place this year made a huge difference

both to safety and therefore, enjoyment of the event. Plus, being able to take in the new GP Circuit and wonder about in the pits etc., etc., taking in the scene and chatting to all and sundry was a huge bonus. Thoroughly enjoyable.

I hope to return next year, possibly with my young nephew and my brother-in-law, and maybe therefore, hire a car between us all. Do keep me on the list.

My very best wishes to you, your team, and your son.


 Hi Darren ,

Apologies for delay but I thought you would like some feedback on your July event at the ring . I'm pleased to say it's all positive ! 

In complete contrast to last years July event , there was not too many cars so the circuit was never crowded , in fact I can recall entire laps seeing only one or two other cars ! There was also lots of room in the paddock , obviously helped by the use of the GP pits as well , though I realize they won't always be available .

Driving standards were very good , hence if I recall correctly , no red flags on first day at all and only a couple on day two .

So all in all an excellent couple of days . Hard to know how you could improve them ! Well done ! 

I'm trying to source a car for your next event in Sept , so hopefully will be booking it soon .

Kind Regards 


 Hi Darren

just a quick email to say thanks for a well run event DN 12 was, perfect conditions, every thing was great and not that much down time.

Thanks to you and your staff, always helpful, cheerful and full of enthusiasm, just what its all about. 

If i can’t make the next one hopefully ill see you all next year.


 Dear Darren,

I had a blast:

The track was great and the drivers were superb.

The track was as good as the previous day, some of the drivers were more aggressive that previous day, yet overall everything was great.

Too many bugs. Please, for the next time have a chat with Nurbugring bug in the charge and sort it out. J

 Looking forward October event. 


 Darren:  I wanted to thank you for an excellent DN12.  As I mentioned to your colleagues on the day – the new format was brilliant. 


 Darren, it’s always a pleasure to work with you. I really appreciate it!!! THANK YOU!

All the best,

Nic - Aston Martin

Hi Darren

Just a quick one to thank you for a fantastic event. Loved it as always and my mate Jamie was blown away by his first visit - and seemed to get up to speed with the help of Dom from RSR. Thanks for laying on these events - they are brilliant and much enjoyed. 

Take care,


Hi Darren!

Just wanted to take a minute and thank you once again for an amazing event! By far, this is the best planned and organized event I have ever attended!

Also a seperate thanks for the available ring instructors, who made me work so hard from the first lap that I was loosing a pint of liquid in every turn and by the end of first two laps I was soaking just like after a full day of rally event! Their advise and expertise were very valueable and I don't know where I would be (or in what wall) if I was on my own.

The atmosphere of the event is outstanding, so many great guys which are open and eager to talk and share their experience and give usefull advices, I am really happy I had the chance to be a part of your event, and I only hope I will have the opportunity to come back next year, and year after that and again! The whole ring, surroundings, people - its really magic.. a breath of motorsports and history on every corner, impossible to describe unless you've been here. 


Hi Darren,

Just wanted to say thanks for another great event,  I enjoyed it as always. Safe trip back.



And - some feedback regarding our photo service - Frozenspeed magic included in the price!

Hi Jochen!
The event was amazing and your pictures spectacular, as usual! ;)

The photos are ABSOLUTELY fantastic – well done. 

Many thanks Jochen, these pictures make the event a great memory not just a great experience!

Thanks Jochen J
Some great photos as usual!

Thanks for providing the links o quickly and for the quality of your pictures… 

Thanks Jochen. You've taken some great shots, as ever.

Just seen the pics and they are great.
Many thanks and see you next time :-)

thanks for sending this. There are some nice shots in there.

Same as last year, I´d like to have all pictures of my car post processed 

I enjoyed a great couple of days at the Ring. And I do love your photography, and follow you on twitter too.


Pictures are great :-) as usual - loved the Exmule one - unusual

Awesome pictures as ever. Can I order a set of hi-res photos for my car 

the pictures are great and I have seen that there are some new positions/angles from which you have taken them. I like them very much :-)

thank you very much! Now it worked. It was the problem with copy and paste of user data and password. Very good photos you made!

Some really excellent photos - thanks Jochen.