Firstly - DN Events do not cancel scheduled events! Fraulein Bier

We always take instruction from the Circuit Management as to the safety of the Circuit.

If a circuit is affected by fog, ice or snow we will be advised by the Circuit Management if and when the track is safe for us to use.

Where decisions can be made in advance - they will be, and communicated to you immediately with as much notice as possible.

  • Where an event is shortened, amended or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, or circumstances beyond our control, no refunds can be issued.
  • Credits for future events may be issued as a goodwill gesture when an event is cancelled. Credits must be used on a similar event and be declared no later than 1 month prior to the event otherwise the credit cannot be used for that event.

It's worth noting that, a wet track, or rain during the event does not normally constitute unsafe conditions!
However, exceptionally heavy rainfall will be reviewed by the Circuit Management, and any decision as to the safety of the Circuit under conditions such as these will be made by the Circuit Management only.

And we're sorry, but we won't be liable for costs arising from the cancellation of any travel or accommodation arrangements in any of the situations described above.

Thanks for reading, and if all else fails - we can always resort to beer.
Darren Langeveld