PreparationSome Sage Advice Before You Arrive



  • Bring your driving licence.
  • Bring helmets for each occupant in the car.
  • Car
    • Cooling system in good condition
    • Brake pads renewed/in good condition
    • No oil or water leaks
    • Tyres checked for pressure and general condition
    • Seats and belts/harnesses are secure and in good condition
    • Exhaust - no leaks, check rubber mountings in good condition
  • Video.
    • Mounts fixed securely inside car - fixed mounts preferred
    • External mounts must be tethered to a secure point on the car.
    • All camera mounts must be checked by staff before allowed on track
  • Supplies.
    • Brake Pads?
    • Auxiliary drive/fan belt
    • Basic tools/wheel wrench
    • Gaffa tape
    • Tie wraps
  • Clothing
    • No bare arms/legs on track
    • Appropriate driving footwear